B & W Rocks sculpture.jpg

Nancy Donahue
(Mixed Media, Acrylic/Mixed Media, Sculpture)

Organic, exploratory, evocative, and contemplative: this describes my experience with art and my work.  Each piece is an adventure without a specific predetermined destination. My works unfold as I explore the richness, beauty, and infinite potential that lies in the shapes, textures, colors, moods, and inspirations of art materials. So many combinations and possibilities!  They are truly boundless!  Typically, I begin a piece with a vision or concept - or even a kind of energy -  that eventually develops into something entirely unexpected.  It's as though life has come full circle and I am again passing hours in play - immersed in creative meanderings and journeys.  My hope is that both tranquility and unfettered musings will find their way into the imaginations of viewers as they look at each piece.  Different thoughts, ideas or emotions may come to mind with each viewing.